Thursday, March 23, 2006

Why Regional Australia Needs Their Own New States.

This was the subject of a recent interview by Michael Duffy on ABC Radio National's 'Counterpoint' programme.
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At March 24, 2006 11:18 am, Blogger Ian Mott said...

Name: Charlie
Subject: New States
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Remark: Hello Michael,
Re New States, this is a good idea. At present regional folks are basically living under a dictatorship. The people who hold our future in their hands don't understand us and don't know what they are doing is so painful. These people are of course the voters of metropolitan Australia. It is not intentional I am sure but the effect is devastating, in reduced services, unworkable or unfair legislation, (Native veg, OH&S)and ongoing social decline. This could all be rectified through a greater level of self government for regional people. At present everyone loses, cities grow bigger then they should as regional people leave perfectly pleasant surroundings in order to get a job or build a career. Our constitution was designed to allow for the creation of New States, the founding fathers expected it would happen, as time goes on the cost of not doing it will increase, so your short interview was a cool tonic in an intellectual desert as far as long term strategic policy for the benefit of all Australians is concerned.
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